2023 Quarterly Review! – Nature Packaged
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2023 Quarterly Review!

2023 Quarterly Review!

2023 Quarterly Review!

Hello, and welcome to the first major news update from Nature Packaged! We’re so thankful here to learn about the great things coming down the pipe from our headquarters in the great Midwestern state of Wisconsin.

We’re Launching! For Real!

While we’ve been advertising and selling our products as they become available, we’ve held off on our official launch.


Well, besides wanting to have a dramatic reveal, we also wanted to give people more of a chance to get in on the ground floor of our rock-bottom pricing for our membership, Nature Packaged+!

We officially launch on May 15, 2023.

That’s Less Than Two Weeks Away! 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯

Once we go live, our membership pricing jumps up to $60/yr. But if you sign up before then, you will have a locked-in price of $36/yr for Life!

That’s a 40% discount just for showing up early. Imagine if you could do that at the movie theater!

So, tell your friends, tell your mom, tell your dentist, and tell your dog, too. We’re going live!

Nature Packaged Goes Global


Ever since we started work on the central ideas of Nature Packaged last year, we’ve worked with international farms to source the highest quality, natural ingredients for our Farm Direct Marketplace.

In March, our CEO Dan TenNapel, and some other staff members went on an overseas trip to Asia so that they could visit some of our member farms in the Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Indonesia. They were so excited to meet the owners and workers on the farms and operations that bring us our great essential oils!



Not long after that, Dan Oppeneer joined Dan TenNapel for a “The Dans Take the Mediterranean” tour of Sicily, Morocco, and Spain. Here, they visited Citrusmade’s citrus orchards and EIR Oil’s carrier oil farm locations!

It’s been an exciting couple of months for these world travelers and we have so much to share with you about the great products they got to experience firsthand.

Recent Releases

We’ve launched so many new products to our Farm Direct Marketplace.

Click through the links above to read more about our products and farm partners. We’re incredibly lucky to be able to partner with so many fantastic farmers and workers to bring you the best quality natural products!

New Products (Coming Soon)

We have a bunch more products coming your way in the next couple of months. They’re under wraps, but I can tell you they rhyme with “Shmove,” “Litronella,” and “Grapefruit.”

Okay, so the last one was just the actual name. We’ll get our editor on this.

(One last oh-so-brief reminder to sign up for Nature Packaged+ before the price hikes up on the 15th! You’ll get early access to pre-order these new products a week before they become available to non-members)

One More Thing...

We hope you have enjoyed Nature Packaged as much as we enjoy bringing pure products to you. Thank you so much for joining us on this journey and we're so excited to bring even more great products to you! 



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