A Membership to Save Money on Pure Ingredients Right From the Farm
Pure Oils & Natural Ingredients Direct From The Farm

You Deserve to Know the Source


Farm-Direct Transparency

Get to know the farmers in person, not just on paper.


Third-Party Quality Verified

You can have peace of mind knowing the products you are purchasing have gone through rigorous testing.


Flourishing Wages

Finally, our farmers get paid what they’re worth.


Recoup your membership fee in savings or we'll credit you the difference in Nature Packaged Cash.


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Connect With the Farms Behind Each Natural Ingredient

Essential Oils

Carrier Oils

Natural Ingredients


How We Do It?

You could save up to

70% off natural ingredients


We partner direct with farms for the ingredients you love

We skip big retail markups & multiple middlemen

To bring you

The Story

behind your favorite products

3-Step Plan for Membership

Connecting you to the farm in three easy steps

Join Nature Packaged and gain access to the Farm-Direct Marketplace and its amazing community of makers and farms
Order the products you want from farms you can trust at a price you can feel good about.
Enjoy natural products knowing that your support goes right to the farmers themselves!

Save Extra With a Membership

Extra 20% off all orders

First access to reserve new ingredients

Monthly roundtables with our partner farms

Only $59.99/yr!



I am so excited that I found this new company! They were just what I was looking for as a small business owner.



I love the activism behind Nature Packaged and am so glad I found a place that is willing to stand for the little guys.


4 Reasons to Start Saving With Membership

Save up to 70% off pure, natural products compared to companies with layers of middlemen, enjoy 20% off every order, get first access to reserve new ingredients, and get to meet the farmers at monthly round tables with partner farms.
If the extra 20% off in savings you get doesn’t pay for your membership, we'll credit your account in Nature Packaged Cash.
We’re proud to carry pure essential oils, waxes, butters, natural ingredient bases, and more!
Membership in Nature Packaged+ is only $59.99/yr!
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✓ Save an additional 20% off every order

✓ 2 FREE Oils as a Welcome Gift ($30 value)

✓ Get first access to Reserve new ingredients

✓ Meet the farmers at monthly round tables

Benefits are valid for one year and the membership fee is non-refundable. Membership will auto-renew but we'll send you a heads up before it does.