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Jojoba Oil from EIR Oils

Jojoba Oil from EIR Oils

Jojoba Oil from EIR Oils

Jojoba Oil is a popular, natural oil derived from the seeds of the Jojoba plant (Simmondsia chinensis). It has a long history of use in medicine and cosmetics on account of its nourishing and moisturizing properties.

Read on to find out more about this plant, its numerous benefits, and how it goes from plant to oil at our farm partner EIR Oils!


The Jojoba plant is an evergreen shrub indigenous to North America’s Sonoran Desert. It thrives in arid climates with warm summers and cold winters. The growth cycle lasts several years before it ultimately produces small, yellow flowers that develop into small nuts, which contain the coveted oil.

Jojoba shrubs are highly beneficial to the environment on account of their deep root systems, which help to prevent erosion in the places they’re planted. Jojoba also requires no pesticides for its growth and cultivation, so they’re a plant with minimal contaminants. Because it is non-toxic, plant-based, and biodegradable, Jojoba Oil is a much safer alternative to other petroleum-based oils.


EIR Oils grows Jojoba in the arid landscape of Israel and they work closely with several kibbutz communities to do so. They approach this with the goal of growing their products as sustainably as possible. While our focus here is the Jojoba Oil, they use the entire part of the fruit to make different products

Jojoba is usually cultivated by farmers who clear out a place on existing ranch land. The shrubs are planted in rows and require little attention beyond the occasional weeding and minimal watering. Due to their indigenous climate, they are extremely drought resistant.

Beginning a new plant does not usually start from seeds; instead, they are started from the cuttings of existing Jojoba plants. These cuttings are typically planted in spring and monitored to ensure they receive proper irrigation throughout the summer. They grow best in full sun and well-draining, nutrient-rich soil.

Harvesting & Processing

Jojoba nuts are harvested when they reach maturity in around October or November. They are dried for several days before they’re processed into oil. The nuts are first crushed into small pieces and then placed into specialized hydraulic presses to extract the oil without the addition of heat. Then the solid material is filtered out, leaving behind the pure Jojoba Oil which is ready to be stored and shipped out.

On average, it takes as much as 50 pounds of Jojoba nuts to produce 1 gallon of cold-pressed Jojoba Oil.


Jojoba Oil is a wonderful addition to anyone’s beauty or health routine. The natural nutrients and nourishing quality of the oil make it a great part of a body scrub or body oil.


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