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Apricot Oil from EIR Oils

Apricot Oil from EIR Oils

Apricot Oil from EIR Oils

Apricots are nearly synonymous with Summer, but did you know that they can provide more than a sweet treat on a hot Summer’s day? Read more below to learn about how Apricot Oil is made and the kinds of benefits you can receive from using it!


The Apricot Tree is a member of the Armenian Plum family. They generally have yellow or orange skin and can vary wildly in size. The tree itself can grow as tall as 30 feet high and grows throughout most temperate climates. The Apricot trees that EIR grows are located throughout Spain and Turkey.

Apricot Oil has a light texture, which is great for skin care products or massage oil, and when used topically it can help reduce inflammation, improve skin elasticity, and promote a healthy scalp. Because of its mild aroma, it’s become popular in perfumes, soaps, and other products that contain fragrances.


Apricots are native to Asia but are grown all over the world in drier, temperate climates. EIR’s orchards in Spain and Turkey are a perfect combination of sunlight and aridity needed for these plants to thrive. They also require attentive pruning so that they don’t overcrop and are highly susceptible to pests and diseases, requiring extensive overview during their lifetime. 

Harvesting & Processing

Apricots are typically harvested in late summer when they reach a full ripe color of yellow or orange. Harvesting is most often done by hand when the fruit is slightly soft. If left on the tree too long they will become overripe and fall off before they can be harvested.

At EIR, the production of Apricot Oil is a byproduct of the canning industry, so the seeds are brought to their facility after the fruit has already been de-seeded, sliced, and canned. Oil extraction is achieved by cold-pressing the kernels. Because cold-pressing does not use heat, it preserves its natural antioxidants and beneficial compounds. After this, the oil is filtered of any impurities or remaining kernel pulp and prepared for shipment


Apricot Oil offers numerous benefits to people looking to invest in natural skincare or haircare and it’s available now on the Nature Packaged Farm Direct Marketplace.


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