Sunflower Oil from EIR Oils – Nature Packaged
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Sunflower Oil from EIR Oils

Sunflower Oil from EIR Oils

Sunflower Oil from EIR Oils

Sunflowers are a popular, well-known Summer flower native to the Americas. They’re easily recognized by the stark contrast between their black center and bright yellow flowers. Perhaps less well-known is the oil that can be developed from its seeds, which has many uses in the cosmetic industry and contains many nutrients.


The sunflower (Helianthus annuus) is a large annual herbaceous flowering plant that belongs to the Asteraceae family. The plants can grow anywhere from three to twelve feet in height, with the stem being quite stiff and straight. Sunflowers have broad yellow petals around their center disk and an outer ring of smaller yellow florets. Their seeds are small, black, and oval in shape, encased in husks that turn brown when ripe.

The oil in their seeds contributes to skin health, lessening the appearance of wrinkles, and can even be used as a gentle makeup remover!



The sunflower grows quickly and easily, requiring full sunlight and regular watering in order to thrive. This makes it an ideal crop for farmers looking for a reliable source of income. In addition, growing these plants can help support local bee populations as they are a favorite stop for the buzzing pollinators.

The Sunflowers that become EIR Oil’s Sunflower Oil are grown in Spain and come from 100% non-GMO seeds. 

Harvesting & Processing

At harvest time, usually toward the end of the Summertime, farmers gently cut the stems of mature plants just below the flower heads with shears. Whole heads are placed into sacks or crates and brought back to the plant for processing.

At the plant, heads are separated from the stem and then passed through a series of machines that shake the seeds loose before crushing the seeds into a fine mixture. The oils are then extracted via solvents. This entire process usually takes a single day, with the produced oil stored away for bottling or further refinement. The remaining residue is often given to animals as feed or compost.



Overall, sunflower oil is an excellent choice for your beauty routine and can serve as a wonderful addition to your daily habits. Combining them with your favorite essential oils can maximize the benefits you get to experience.


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