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Melissa Essential Oil from Bulgarian Essential Oils

Melissa Essential Oil from Bulgarian Essential Oils

Melissa Essential Oil from Bulgarian Essential Oils

Bulgarian Essential Oils is a family-run farm that has been in the essential oil business for over a decade. We are very excited to introduce you to their Melissa Essential Oil, share some of its benefits, and explain the way it goes from seedling to oil.


Melissa is a genus of perennial herbs in the Lamiaceae family, the most well-known member of which is mint. It is native to Europe and Asia, but has been cultivated and naturalized in many other places. Melissa Essential Oil has been used as far back as the Middle Ages to reduce stress and anxiety, promote sleep, improve appetite, and ease pain and discomfort from indigestion (including gas and bloating, as well as colic).

The climate in Bulgaria, where Bulgarian Essential Oils is located, has favorable weather conditions for the growth of Melissa plants. The soil is also incredibly fertile, as it’s mainly Chernozemic soil.

How It's Grown

Bulgarian Essential Oils oversees the entire lifecycle of the Melissa plants. Melissa seeds are planted by machinery, which is overseen by four workers simultaneously. Throughout the course of the plant’s life, the product needs regular weeding and monitoring for any diseases; these processes are done by hand.

Harvesting & Distilling

In late June, the product is harvested with a special machine, and then transported directly to the distillery, where it is steam distilled.

Once at the distillery, the Melissa plants are placed in a large container called a still, which is filled with water. Steam is then injected via an inlet through the plant material. This releases the Melissa plant’s aromatic molecules and turns them into vapor.

Vaporized aromatic molecules travel to a condenser via tubes. There, vaporized molecules are cooled and turned back into a liquid.

The scented liquid from the condenser is collected inside a receptacle that contains water, as well. Since water and oil do not mix, the Melissa Essential Oil floats above the water and is then collected.

Caring for the Earth

Bulgarian Essential Oils matches Nature Packaged’s commitment to environmental care and betterment. What you will love about our essential oils is that they are pesticide-free, 100% pure, and come at amazing wholesale prices.


We hope you enjoyed learning about the Melissa plant, grown by our partner, Bulgarian Essential Oils. Nature Packaged supports the environment, and the hardworking and dedicated people on the farm. We’re making sure Melissa Essential Oils will remain available for generations to come.


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