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Black Pepper Essential Oil from Malagassi Essential Oils

Black Pepper Essential Oil from Malagassi Essential Oils

Black Pepper Essential Oil from Malagassi Essential Oils

Malagassi Essential Oil is a farm located on the African island of Madagascar committed to sustainability and the production of high-quality products. Their Black Pepper essential oil is no exception! Read on to find out more about how they grow and care for this amazing plant that becomes their Black Pepper Essential Oil.

A Varied Biome

Madagascar is well-known for its beautiful and wide-ranging ecology. It’s what allows so many different products to be grown by the island’s many communities and farms. With consistently warm temperatures and rainfall, as well as soil that is well-accustomed to draining out the rain it does get, the rainforests of Madagascar provide an environment that lets the black pepper plant thrive

Black Pepper plants don’t grow by themselves, however. They are vining plants that grow by using other tall trees as anchors for their own spread. And the peppercorns they produce start out green before they are cured to the black color we know and recognize.

Care for the Environment

Through their network of local farmers, Malagassi ensures that the trees and the black pepper vines are never treated with harsh, artificial chemicals or pesticides. Whatever gets put into the environment around the plant will end up in the plant itself. And because essential oils are distilled from the essence of those plants, you want to make sure that they’re as pure as possible.

How It Becomes Essential Oil

Like most essential oils, Black Pepper essential oil is created by steam distillation. But there’s a fairly involved process that has to happen first.

After the plants have grown for as long as 4 years, they are ready to bloom and produce their aromatic peppercorn. Once they are ready for harvest, workers strip the bunches of pepper from the vines and gather them. Then, they are transported to a place to dry in the sun. This is how the naturally-green peppercorn is cured into the familiar black peppercorn we know and love.

Once they are done curing, they are carefully hand-selected for the distillation process. Steam distillation essentially means the peppercorns are hit with steam in order to sweat out the essential oils from inside the plant. This means that you are left with the purest essence of the plants themselves. The oil is then tested for purity, bottled, and shipped to Nature Packaged and made available to you!


With a care for the environment and a love of producing quality products, Malagassi is a premier provider for the Nature Packaged Farm Direct Marketplace. Check out their Black Pepper essential oil today!


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