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Helichrysum Essential Oil from Malagassi Essential Oil

Helichrysum Essential Oil from Malagassi Essential Oil

Helichrysum Essential Oil from Malagassi Essential Oil

For nearly 25 years, Malagassi has worked to advise and assist independent farmers in Madagascar, Morocco, Europe, and the Balkans in producing premium-grade essential oils in a sensible manner.

This knowledge has enabled them to make investments in the areas where their products are cultivated, while also fostering enduring relationships with the men and women who carry out the work.


Helichrysum Essential Oil comes from the Helichrysum italicum plant, which is generally found in the Mediterranean and Southern Europe. Warm, slightly honey-like, buttery, and richly scented, Helichrysum Oil also includes green notes of wood, spices, and herbs.

Helichrysum Essential Oil is a potent healer and restorer. With its inherent analgesic effects, it eases inflammation while also assisting in inhibiting pain. It serves as a daily tonic for good skin and helps with cuts and bruises.

How It's Grown

The soil in the southern region of Madagascar is unique and, most incredibly, completely devoid of any chemicals or pesticides. The Helichrysum plant grows best in full-to-partial sunlight, but it can also be grown in the shade. When the top quarter of the soil feels dry to the touch, the farm makes sure to water it properly. Hardy Helichrysum plants can withstand drought, but they thrive when given regular irrigation.

Harvesting & Distilling

When the Helichrysum is mature, Malagassi workers go through the fields and gather the new bunches. Once the crop has been gathered, their pickers transport the Helichrysum bunches to the closest manufacturing facility (always within walking distance), where they will be processed.

While they do distill certain other raw materials that they get from nearby farms, the Malagassi staff is in charge of the complete manufacture of Helichrysum (plant, care, harvest, distillation, packing, and shipping).

Helichrysum’s flowering top is then exposed to high amounts of steam, allowing the essential oils within separate to into large containers. Afterward, the essential oil is given time to separate in a Florentine flask, so that the water can be siphoned off, leaving the pure oil alone.

Caring for the Earth

Malagassi Essential Oils cares about their people and the environment in the growth of their product. Their mission is to share that passion with others around the world. They know their farmers by name and have continued to invest in their communities. These connections are so important; they not only contribute to the improvement of products, but they also guarantee that Malagassi will always take care of the environment.


Malagassi Essential Oils aims to work with brands who understand the value of a quality product, and want to deliver a premium experience to the customers they serve.

During the course of its 25-year business history, Malagassi has developed numerous strategic and long-lasting collaborations that serve as the foundation of its brand. They have made significant investments in their farmers' welfare throughout that time. To help them safeguard their means of subsistence, they have assisted them in creating new fields, constructing distilleries, and setting up fences and security.

You can anticipate a fantastic experience when working with Malagassi Essential Oils Farm and Nature Packaged.


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