Frankincense Essential Oil from Nature Packaged
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Frankincense Essential Oil from Nature Packaged

Frankincense Essential Oil from Nature Packaged

Frankincense Essential Oil from Nature Packaged

From Northern India, Nature Packaged is proud to introduce our newest essential oil: Frankincense!

Read on to find out about one of their products, Frankincense essential oil, its benefits, and how it’s processed.


The Boswellia trees from which Frankincense is derived grow in Madhya Pradesh, an Indian state located near the center of the country, to which they are indigenous. The Burseraceae family of trees is well known for producing aromatic resins, which are used to make incense and perfumes, and Frankincense is perhaps the most well-known of the resins from this family of trees.

Boswellia is a significant plant species with a long history of use in many traditional and cultural rituals. Frankincense has many applications and new studies have revealed additional potential health advantages linked to the different constituents within.

How It's Grown

Due to the tree’s remote natural habitat, Frankincense resin is not farmed in the conventional sense. The trees grow in dry, rocky areas and grow without human assistance. Our farm partner harvests the resin from trees in forest areas that are not easily accessible, which results in better quality: trees that are harvested more frequently have less time to recuperate their beneficial natural components.

Harvesting & Distilling

Frankincense is harvested in a unique way. Women from the tribe gather the materials with a special knife: they slice lines in the bark of the Boswellia’s branches to release the sap within. Then, after several days, they return to find hard, dry resin, which they break off and carry back for processing. The collection work provides these women with a stable source of income since many of them are their household’s only provider.

Our farm partner houses its processing equipment in a 2500-square-foot cleanroom to distill the oil. First, the resin is crushed into a powder and then prepared for steam distillation. In order to prevent thermal deterioration of the resin and its beneficial components, this distillation is performed at a controlled temperature by individuals with experience in high-technology tools and processes. To ensure further quality, international agencies conduct routine audits of the process and the end products.

Caring for the Earth

But they aren’t only interested in using and producing. They’re also committed to environmental care and upkeep. All of their workers harvest raw materials with recyclable packaging. Because the raw materials of their other products are environmentally benign and degradable, they use them to heat their boilers for steam distillation.

Any harvested material that isn’t used for essential oils is turned into briquettes so that nothing goes to waste.


Nature Packaged and all of our farm partners are dedicated to making a positive influence on society and their workers. Nature Packaged is proud to partner with them in bringing their Frankincense Essential Oils to you on the Farm Direct Marketplace! 

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