Cinnamon Essential Oil from Nature Packaged
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Cinnamon Essential Oil from Nature Packaged

Cinnamon Essential Oil from Nature Packaged

Cinnamon Essential Oil from Nature Packaged

Nature Packaged is proud to announce the release of Cinnamon Essential Oil on the Farm Direct Marketplace!

Read on to find out about the myriad benefits of this high-quality oil sourced from cinnamon trees in the heart of Sri Lanka.


The cinnamon tree (cinnamonum verum) is a small evergreen tree that grows in tropical and subtropical climates, but it’s actually native to Sri Lanka, where our farm partner is located. While the bark of the Cinnamon tree is typically dried, cured, and then turned into the powdered cinnamon familiar to most kitchen pantries, it’s the leaves of the tree that become Cinnamon Essential Oil.

Cinnamon Essential Oil has a variety of therapeutic benefits. Its antifungal and antibacterial properties can help fight infection while promoting a faster healing time for wounds. It’s also known to be anti-inflammatory, so it can help reduce swelling when applied topically. On top of all this, it can help relieve stress and anxiety.



Our farm partner in Sri Lanka undertakes active measures to replenish their supply of Cinnamon trees, as well as planting other indigenous wildlife as part of their active conservation standards. For the most part, trees are left to grow on their own, with some limited maintenance throughout the year from workers and monitoring to ensure the tree is healthy.

In any given harvest year, they only harvest a small percentage of the trees under their care. This limited harvest ensures that the trees remain healthy and continue to produce the leaves that become essential oil. This, in addition to their use of natural mulch and organic fertilizer, means that the trees are in top shape for their entire life.

Harvesting & Processing

When harvest time comes along, workers go into the fields to strip the leaves from the Cinnamon tree by hand and gather them together for processing at the facility. Not every tree is harvested for its bark, but the ones that are first de-barked before the remaining leaves and berries are added to the pile for essential oil distilling.

The distilling process is very similar to other steam-distilled essential oils. The plant material is gathered, crushed, and then added to the vat and hit with steam to extract the oils. The mix of essential oil and water is moved to a secondary container where the oil is allowed to rise to the top, and then water is released via tubes on the bottom, leaving only pure Cinnamon Essential Oil.


Nature Packaged’s Cinnamon Essential Oil is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an all-natural fragrance solution with numerous naturally-occurring therapeutic benefits.

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