Farm Spotlight: Bulgarian Essential Oils – Nature Packaged
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Farm Spotlight: Bulgarian Essential Oils

Farm Spotlight: Bulgarian Essential Oils

Farm Spotlight: Bulgarian Essential Oils

Located in the Dobrudja region of Bulgaria, Bulgarian Essential Oils is a family-run business that started 10 years ago. Ever since the company was created, Bulgarian Essential Oils has aimed at providing their customers with high-quality essential oils without resorting to 3rd-party vendors to run their daily operations. The Bulgarian climate is especially conducive to the growth of the Lavender and Melissa plants that become the essential oils on Nature Packaged’s online marketplace.


Organic Commitment

Bulgarian Essential Oils takes pride in its commitment to ecological standards and strives to provide the highest quality essential oils that are natural, pure, and organic. Because they understand how important it is to ensure customers receive the best quality oils, they’ve implemented strict operational procedures to guarantee optimal freshness and purity.

Since essential oils are a literal distillation of the plants they come from, it’s incredibly important that the plants contain as little possible contamination as possible. Because of this, Bulgarian Essential Oils is very strict about the use of chemicals during the growth process.

Fair Pay & Training

Bulgarian Essential Oils seeks to pay all of their workers more than a fair wage, not only because it helps keep talented workers available to assist with their farm, but because they also want their employees to develop a good standard of living.

Whenever a new person is hired, they’re provided with the best possible training and on-the-job experience. With both of these, their workers are well-equipped to handle any projects that come their way. They even go a step further by providing assistance to any workers who want to branch out and grow lavender on their own!

The Future of Bulgarian Essential Oils

Bulgarian Essential Oils currently has big plans to expand: they wish to become fully independent, even providing the space for their own laboratory to test their oils, so that they don’t have to use a 3rd party vendor. When you buy Bulgarian Essential Oils through the Nature Packaged Marketplace, you can be sure that your purchase is directly helping the farm itself expand their operation with more plants, equipment, machinery, and workers, as well as benefiting those workers with consistent pay.

Their main plants are Lavender and Melissa, but with over 70 beehives, a large apple orchard, and the desire to expand their offerings even further, Bulgarian Essential Oils is always looking to experiment and expand!


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