Solid Coconut Oil from Nature Packaged
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Solid Coconut Oil from Nature Packaged

Solid Coconut Oil from Nature Packaged

Solid Coconut Oil from Nature Packaged

Get ready to experience the quality Solid Coconut Oil that will soon sweep the market. Sourced from the tropical country of the Philippines, this incredible oil offers tons of benefits that will blow your mind. With the convenience of a solid form that is easy to use, there are no more spilled liquids or messy oils to deal with. Whether you're looking to improve your hair, boost your immune system, or enhance your skincare, this new solid coconut oil is a must-try.

Solid Coconut Oil

Solid Coconut Oil, also referred to as Virgin Coconut Oil, is a gem in the world of natural health and beauty. Its distinct coconut aroma is just the first of many benefits it has to offer. Rich in healthy antioxidants, medium-chain fatty acids, and vitamins, Solid Coconut Oil can help improve the skin, hair, and overall wellness. This versatile oil contains 100% fat, with 80-90% being saturated fat. This degree of saturation, and it being minimally processed creates a firm texture during cold or room temperatures, making it a gentler option for those with sensitive skin or hair.

Solid coconut oil is fast becoming a must-have for beauty enthusiasts who are looking for a more natural alternative to traditional hair and skin products. Not only is it moisturizing, but it also contains lauric acid, which can have antimicrobial properties. Solid coconut oil is a versatile, natural product that can be used on everything from split ends to dry elbows and everything in between.


The coconut tree is a truly remarkable plant. Its towering height and regal presence make it a breathtaking sight to behold. It can grow to heights of up to 80-100 feet and gifts us with an abundant yield of 50-100 coconuts every year. It may take a little patience and seven years for the average coconut palm to finally bloom, but the result is well worth it. The versatility of this tree never ceases to amaze, as practically every part of it can be put to use. From leaves to bark to fruit, the coconut tree is a valuable gift of nature. Ultimately, the coconut tree is a symbol of nature's abundance and the resourcefulness of human beings.

Located in the Philippines, the farm from which our Solid Coconut Oil is sourced holds a strong vision of delivering wellness through sustainable innovation. They specialize in creating natural and sustainable ingredients sourced from organically-grown coconuts. One of their premium products is Solid Coconut Oil, which is derived from the finest coconuts nature has to offer. Not only is the oil of exceptional quality, but the farm’s focus on sustainability ensures that the environment is respected and preserved in the process. The farm’s commitment to innovation and creating high-value products has made it a leader in the industry. With a dedication to quality and sustainability, their Solid Coconut Oil is a testament to their reputation.

Harvesting and Processing

Solid Coconut Oil is a remarkable product that is created without any harmful chemicals for refining, bleaching, or deodorizing. It is derived from the fresh, mature kernel of coconuts that are organically grown and is prepared without applying any heat, ensuring that all the essential nutrients found within coconuts are retained.

Nature Packaged's Solid Coconut Oil is no ordinary product. It comes from a farm that incorporates a vertically-integrated facility on a substantial 26-hectare property. The farm is advantaged by a strategic location and manufacturing practices that ensure cost-effective operational expenses. They take pride in their sustainable manufacturing practices that not only minimize their environmental impact but also ensure the production of value-added products for clients. With Nature Packaged’s Solid Coconut Oil, you're investing in a safe and high-quality product that's both sustainable and beneficial to your well-being.


Incorporating Solid Coconut Oil into your daily routine can have a positive impact on your overall health. It's time to check out all of the amazing benefits this oil has to offer. Let's take a step towards a healthier lifestyle and make Solid Coconut Oil a permanent staple in our homes!


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