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Lime Essential Oil from Citrusmade

Lime Essential Oil from Citrusmade

Lime Essential Oil from Citrusmade

We are excited to introduce Citrusmade's Lime Essential Oil to our Farm Direct Marketplace! With its bright and invigorating aroma, Lime Essential Oil is a favorite among aromatherapy enthusiasts. Read on to find out more about this versatile essential oil and how it’s made!


Lime, also known as Citrus Aurantifolia, is a refreshing and versatile fruit that you’re probably familiar with. This tropical tree doesn't grow too tall, only up to about 16 feet, and it becomes shrub-like if not maintained. What makes lime distinct is its oval shape, typically ranging from 1 to 1.5 inches in diameter and coated in a thin, greenish-yellow peel when ripe. Despite its small size, the lime's unique shape and tangy aroma are not to be underestimated.

When a lime tree reaches full maturity, it can produce an essential oil that is sought after for its numerous benefits. This oil is extracted from the rind and has a fresh, citrusy aroma that can uplift your mood. Not only is this essential oil a natural air freshener, but it has antimicrobial properties that can help ward off harmful bacteria. It can also be used topically for its skin-healing properties or added to cleaning solutions to naturally disinfect surfaces.


This small and evergreen plant is a delight to cultivate. Because of its sensitivity to cold and its need for full sun, the Citrusmade orchard in Sicily is the perfect place for the lime trees to thrive. In the spring and summer months, fragrant white blossoms bloom, adding a beautiful feast for the eyes. From mid-autumn to mid-winter, the lime tree bears bountiful small or medium-sized, round green fruit. The rich, well-draining volcanic soil in Sicily acts as the perfect foundation for this delightful plant - allowing it to thrive in its natural home.

Harvesting & Processing

Limes are ready for picking when they are just starting to turn yellow. Once they reach full size and the yellow tint starts to appear, that's the signal to growers that the fruit is at its peak ripeness for processing. It’s at this point that workers harvest their bounty.

Lime Essential Oil is extracted from the peel of these fruits using the cold pressing method. This results in a thin and clear-to-light-yellow essential oil that exudes a sweet and tropical citrus scent. The Lime Essential Oil has a sweet, tropical, citrus aroma that is both refreshing and energizing.


With its vibrant scent and numerous benefits, we are confident that Lime Essential oil will become one of your favorites in no time. We know you will love the invigorating benefits of Citrusmade's Lime Essential Oil, so check one out now!


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