Cypress Essential Oil from Essential Oils SL – Nature Packaged
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Cypress Essential Oil from Essential Oils SL

Cypress Essential Oil from Essential Oils SL

Cypress Essential Oil from Essential Oils SL

Coming to you directly from the beautiful Spanish farmland around Murcia in Spain is Nature Packaged’s newest offering from Essential Oils SL: Cypress Essential Oil! Known for its distinctive fragrance and numerous benefits for both the body and mind, this oil has long been prized by aromatherapy enthusiasts and natural product makers alike.

Read on to find out more about this amazing plant and the pure essential oil that it becomes!


Cypress, or Cupressus sempervirens, is a coniferous evergreen tree that belongs to the Cupressaceae family. Native to Eastern Mediterranean regions, it can grow up to 60 feet in height and has been known to live for thousands of years. Cypress has a long history of cultivation in Murcia, Spain, where it is grown for the production of Cypress Essential Oil. The tree is also highly valued for its durable wood, which has been used for centuries for construction, furniture making, and artistic carvings.

Cypress Essential Oil also has numerous therapeutic properties that make it a prized ingredient in aromatherapy and natural skincare products. It’s known for having a calming effect on the nervous system, able to promote relaxation and reduce stress. It also has antispasmodic properties that can help to relieve muscle cramps and menstrual pain. It’s also used in natural skin care products to help reduce the appearance of varicose veins, acne, and oily skin.

Care & Cultivation

Cypress trees thrive in warm, Mediterranean climates and can tolerate poor soil conditions. They require ample sunlight and minimal watering, making them ideal trees for dry regions. The trees can be easily grown from seeds or cuttings, and young trees should be planted in well-drained soil to prevent root rot. Mature trees should be pruned regularly to maintain their shape and promote healthy growth; mature trees should receive watering only during extended dry periods to avoid damage to their roots.

Essential Oils SL regularly monitors the health of their plants and engages in pruning, weeding around the base of the trees, and keeping a keen eye out for any sign of disease.

Harvesting & Processing

Cypress essential oil is extracted from the needles, twigs, and cones of the tree using steam distillation. The process starts with the harvesting of the branches in the early morning hours when the oil concentration is at its highest. The branches are then transported to the distillery, where they are cleaned and cut into small pieces. The pieces are then placed in a large still and exposed to high-pressure steam for several hours. The steam causes the essential oils to express themselves from the plant material, which allows it to be gathered along with the cooling steam as it condenses into water.


Cypress Essential Oil’s unique aroma and exceptional benefits for the body and mind makes a valuable addition to our collection of essential oils. Nature Packaged is so excited to partner with Essential Oils SL to provide this amazing oil to you.


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