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Neroli Essential Oil from LISHA Essential Oils

Neroli Essential Oil from LISHA Essential Oils

Neroli Essential Oil from LISHA Essential Oils

LISHA Essential Oils is a three-generation strong family business committed to improving the essential oil industry. Their grandfather started as a farmer of the Bigarade orange tree, whose flowers are used to make Neroli Essential Oil.

Read on to find out more about Neroli Essential Oil, how it’s grown, and how it’s processed!


Citrus aurantium, an evergreen tree in the Rutaceae family, produces small white flowers that are processed into Neroli Essential Oil. It has a sweet, honeyed, slightly metallic aroma with hints of green and spice. Inhalation aromatherapy with Neroli Oil may help reduce stress, anxiety, and anxiety-induced depression. When inhaled, Neroli Oil may help the brain release serotonin and reduce levels of cortisol, a stress hormone.

How It's Grown

The farm in the Gharbeya district of Egypt is planted with Bigarade orange trees. Due to natural fertilization caused by centuries of floods from the Nile River, Egypt's delta region has some of the world’s highest-quality soil, lending the trees an excellent source of nutrients. The Gharbeya region is particularly well-known for the manufacturing of essential oils.

Several species of trees are planted in the same field in order to maintain a diverse system of farming. For instance, you can discover Bigarade trees, jasmine shrubs, and, depending on the season, garlic, tomato, or other plants within one of the fields. This kind of biodiversity greatly aids the soil’s nutrient levels and directly affects the quality of the end product.

Harvesting & Distilling

Bigarade tree flowers are manually harvested by workers in the field. The harvested flowers are transported to the distillery, and processed on the same day using the steam distilling method.

The family farm runs the entire process, including growing, harvesting, and distilling. During the busiest phases of harvesting and production, seasonal workers are brought on to assist with the workload.

Caring for the Earth

LISHA Essential Oils respects the environment and helps preserve their region’s natural biodiversity with their agricultural practices. They work to raise awareness of the value of indigenous species, currently threatened by harmful agricultural practices and encroaching urbanization.

LISHA uses the conventional inundation irrigation technique. Since pest attacks are decreased by diverse farming techniques, no pesticides are used. They also have plans to apply for an organic certification soon.


LISHA Essential Oils, in partnership with Nature Packaged, offers the following assurances: If you intend to use the essential oils for making fragrances and perfumes, aromatherapy, or aromatic preparations, they guarantees complete traceability and strong transparency of their products, which are the highest-quality in Egypt.

Because of their high standards and agricultural conscientiousness, Nature Packaged is proud to partner with LISHA Trade.


To purchase LISHA Trade's Neroli Essential Oil, click here!

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