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Geranium Essential Oil from Essential Oils of Egypt

Geranium Essential Oil from Essential Oils of Egypt

Geranium Essential Oil from Essential Oils of Egypt

Are you looking for a natural product that can improve your health and wellness? Consider the amazing benefits of Geranium Essential Oil! Grown and harvested in Egypt by Essential Oils of Egypt, one of Nature Packaged’s partner farms, Geranium Essential Oil is emerging as a top choice among natural product enthusiasts.

With its sweet floral scent and versatile uses, Geranium Essential Oil is a must-have remedy for your overall well-being. In this blog, we will discuss the botanical information and benefits of Geranium, how it's cultivated and grown, and how it's harvested and becomes essential oil. Keep reading to dive deep into the world of Geranium Essential Oil!


Geranium, also known as Pelargonium graveolens, is a flowering plant native to South Africa that is commonly cultivated as an ornamental plant. Geranium Essential Oil has a sweet floral aroma that has calming effects on the mind and body.

Geranium Essential Oil is known for its anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antibacterial, and antidepressant properties and it is effective in treating various health issues such as skin conditions, hormonal imbalances, and infections.


Geranium thrives in well-drained soil and moderate sunlight exposure, making Egypt a perfect place for it to thrive, particularly with the Nile Delta’s well-known nutrient-rich soil!

Essential Oils of Egypt uses sustainable, organic farming practices to cultivate all of their plants and herbs, including Geranium. Crop rotation, compost, and natural pest control are major parts of their operation. The process starts with planting seeds in the nursery during the wet season. It takes 2-3 months for the seedlings to grow before they’re transplanted into the fields and another 8-10 months to mature before they’re ready for harvesting.

Harvesting & Processing

Once the plant has matured and the dry season has come, the oil-rich leaves and stems are harvested by hand and prepared for processing. They are taken and subjected to a steam distillation process (the most common method for essential oil production). By passing steam through the plant material, the essential oil is expressed and then gathered. From there, the water and oil are left to separate and then the oil is collected and stored.


Geranium Essential Oil is a valuable natural product that provides soothing and healing benefits. Nature Packaged is pleased to partner with Essential Oils of Egypt in their mission to produce the highest-quality organic products.

If you would like to support Essential Oils of Egypt by trying their Geranium Essential Oil for yourself, you can purchase it here!


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