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Farm Spotlight: LISHA Essential Oils

Farm Spotlight: LISHA Essential Oils

Farm Spotlight: LISHA Essential Oils

LISHA Essential Oils is an Egyptian essential oils producer in the Egyptian Governate of Gharbeya. For the past three generations, the family-owned operation has been developing essential oils from their farm in the Nile River Delta, where constant flooding has developed rich, fertile soil.

They provide pure, all-natural Neroli essential oil for the Nature Packaged Farm Direct Marketplace. Read more below to find out their unique story.

Family Business

In the 1960s, Ali and his wife Samira started out as distributors, selling flowers to essential oil distilleries. But their eldest son, Mohy, would make the decision to set up their own distillery. In 2019, their son Hassan’s wife, Sofia, founded LISHA Essential Oils in the South of France, with the goal of distributing their oils in Europe without going through intermediary agencies bent only on their own profit.


Maintaining Their Environment

Modern methods of single-crop farming are detrimental to the quality of the soil over successive harvest seasons and methods to mitigate this damage are lackluster at best. At their Neroli farms, LISHA Essential Oils plants vegetables like peas and tomatoes alongside their essential oil crop. In this way, not only are they preserving the biodiversity of the region, but they’re giving the soil what it needs to maintain itself for generations to come!

LISHA also avoids using pesticides on their crops because of the potential dangers it poses to the people who use their products. And most of the materials leftover from the distillation process go right back to the soil as compost.

Honest Labor

In Egypt, the unemployment rate is high, especially for women. With seasonal jobs like harvesting and processing, families are able to supplement and increase their revenue to make life less difficult for them. And since many of them are themselves subsistence farmers with little revenue to speak of, it’s a great benefit to be able to come make an honest day’s wages to provide for themselves and their families.

One of the big issues in the world today is that of child labor. This is something that LISHA Essential Oils remains strictly opposed to. With fair wages and seasonal work, there’s no need for families to send their children off to work in the field. They can focus on things like their education and enjoying their childhood.


Nature Packaged is proud to partner with LISHA Essential Oils and offer their excellent Neroli Essential Oil on the Farm Direct Marketplace.


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