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Farm Spotlight: Bulgarian Essential Oils

Farm Spotlight: Bulgarian Essential Oils

Farm Spotlight: Bulgarian Essential Oils

Situated in Bulgaria’s part of the Dobrudja region, Bulgarian Essential Oils is a family-run farm that’s been growing and distilling essential oils for over a decade. From the very beginning, this family has striven to produce high-quality essential oils without relying on third-party vendors to run their day-to-day operations, such as distilling and packaging.

As luck would have it, the climate in Bulgaria is especially suited to grow Lavender and Melissa, the two primary plants that they make into essential oils.

Below, we’ll dive into more detail about this great farm and why they’ve been able to make such pure essential oil (as well as what else they do for their community!)

Organic Commitment


First and foremost, Bulgarian Essential Oils is committed to high standards of ecological care and preservation. By implementing strict operational procedures around the cultivation and care of their crops, they can ensure that the end product comes from plants of unmatched freshness and purity.

Because essential oils are a highly-concentrated form of the plants they come from, it’s especially important that there’s very little contamination from harsh, unhealthy chemicals like pesticides. Because of this, they’re very strict about the use of these chemicals, opting wherever possible to forego their use altogether.

Fair Pay & Training

Bulgarian Essential Oils isn’t doing this all alone. They have full-time staff as well as hiring seasonal help when the harvest is coming in. In hiring and procuring workers, this family pays more than the bare minimum “fair wage.” Not only does this help keep talented farm workers around to assist with things around the farm, but, more importantly, they want their employees to have a good standard of living.

Additionally, any new person is provided with the best possible training and on-the-job assistance. Because of this dual approach, their workers are well-equipped to handle any projects that come their way. And going even further, they provide assistance to any of their workers that want to branch out and grow things on their own!

Community Support

 It’s not uncommon for small businesses to treat themselves like they’re a tower, shut off to the rest of the world. But this couldn’t be further from the truth for this farm. Borislav, the owner of Bulgarian Essential Oils, and his family are constantly taking time out of their busy schedules to provide assistance to fellow farmers in their community. This help isn’t limited to time or information, either; they often loan out their farming equipment and vehicles so that others in their community trying to make a living can succeed with fewer hurdles.

The Future of Bulgarian Essential Oils

Borislav and his family company have big plans to expand and become fully independent. Currently, the only third-party vendor they employ is a testing lab where they get their oils purity tested, but they even have that on their agenda to take over. Their primary products are Lavender and Melissa Essential Oils, but with over 70 beehives, a large apple orchard, and the desire to expand their line of products, this farm is ready and willing to experiment and expand!

When you buy from Bulgarian Essential Oils on the Nature Packaged Marketplace, you can be sure that your purchase is directly helping this family-run farm to expand their operation to grow more plants, harvest them more efficiently, and hire more people with consistent pay.


To check out the great products available from Bulgarian Essential Oils, check out their farm page on the Nature Packaged Farm Direct Marketplace here!


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