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Farm Spotlight: Malagassi Essential Oils

Farm Spotlight: Malagassi Essential Oils

Farm Spotlight: Malagassi Essential Oils

“Our endeavors were driven by our passion for essential oils and the will to produce them in our own ideal way.”

Off the Eastern coast of Africa lies the island nation of Madagascar, a tropical paradise nearly untouched by the pollution of the modern world. It’s here that Malagassi Essential Oils, an essential oils distributor, is headquartered. Malagassi is a multi-generational family enterprise of farmers that have three generations’ experience in growing essential oils. With a passion for keeping the land and its resources pure via sustainable agricultural practices, Malagassi is able to produce multiple different essential oils in Madagascar’s unique climate.

Learn more about this amazing farm and the steps they’re taking to make their community and environment better!

Environmental Stability

In Madagascar, pristine natural environments coexist with flora and fauna in perfect harmony. Malagassi does everything possible to run their operation while keeping this natural balance whole, allowing for the production of all-natural, organic essential oils that are free from any artificial additions or impurities.

The natural beauty and purity of Madagascar’s environments are major reasons why Malagassi remains immovably opposed to the use of any caustic chemicals or harmful pesticides. For the sake of the soil and its health, they avoid single-culture crops, favoring permaculture.

As an added measure, Malagassi has even built distilleries within walking distance of every harvesting field to limit the use of gas-operated vehicles and prevent their runoff from polluting the fields (and, as a result, the plants grown there!) The less these kinds of machines operate on the fertile ground of Madagascar, the more pristine tis environment can be maintained.

Providing for Their Community


But it isn’t just the natural environment that Malagassi focuses on. They’re also active in making a positive social impact in the communities of southeast Madagascar. Their first project was a school they built for the local community called Ecole Malagassi. They’ve seen great success by providing educational opportunities for the children in their community.

Investing in communities is vital to ensure that everyone gets to benefit from a better future and Malagassi believes education is the key to generational growth! With the support of Nature Packaged and its customers, Malagassi can continue to provide much-needed resources for children’s education and development.

Employment Opportunities

Malagassi also mainly hires workers from nearby communities. They are typically retained throughout the whole year and rotated to different fields, depending on the season and harvest time of their products. Malagassi is proud to have continually improved worker pay over successive years and offer solutions to their employees’ needs and requests.

Long-term employees are also trained in the proper use of machinery and taught the full instructions for each plant’s distillation process.

The Future

So, if you’re looking for quality essential oils, and want to be part of helping communities better provide for themselves, check out Malagassi Essential Oils on the Nature Packaged Farm Direct Marketplace today!

From their commitment to the environment to their dedication to providing educational opportunities for children in their communities, Malagassi Essential Oils is a company you can trust!


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