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Farm Spotlight: Qobo Qobo

Farm Spotlight: Qobo Qobo

Farm Spotlight: Qobo Qobo

In South Africa’s rural town of Keiskammahoek at the base of the Amathole Mountains, an enterprising farm called Qobo Qobo has its headquarters. Dedicated to sustainable farming practices and passionate about helping to enfranchise its workers, this operation is accomplishing phenomenal things while making products of truly excellent quality.

These commitments allow Qobo Qobo to excel in all stages of Rosemary production (and the South African climate helps these plants to grow, too). Below, we’ll cover all the details about this great farm, its commitment to making a better environment, and their process for making excellent Rosemary Essential Oil.

Employment for the Community


Qobo Qobo is the result of the support from multiple non-profit organizations and South African state agencies. Their goal in contributing to Qobo Qobo was this: that this company would be developed and grow to provide employment to the many unemployed South Africans in the community.


Because of the jobs and careers stemming from Qobo Qobo’s farming operations, the citizens of Keiskammahoek in Eastern Cape are experiencing a wealth of improved benefits compared to their former state. Steady income, meaningful work, and the ability to provide for themselves and their families.

Environmental Stability

Qobo Qobo Essential Oils is passionate about and committed to sustainable agricultural practices, including mulching and the limitation of chemical pesticides. Mulching keeps water loss to a minimum while barring pesticides removes the risk of contamination when the oil is later distilled. Not to mention, pesticides are notorious for harming beneficial pollinators as much as harmful pests, resulting in a less balanced ecosystem.

These practices also mean that Rosemary Essential Oil is as pure as naturally possible. The less there is in the environment to get taken along for the ride, the more you can be certain that the end result is just pure essential oil. This is one particular reason why their Rosemary Essential Oil, tested by the Dohne Agricultural Research Institute, is some of the purest in the world.

Growing Into the Future

As of today, the Qobo Qobo plant can process some 40 hectares (~98 acres) worth of crops every year from their central hub and outgrower partners. Phase 1 of their organization’s plan has been a roaring success. As they expand in phase 2, they plan to expand their central hub into a series of well-established “farmer units” that can manage the growing process from start to finish even more efficiently. By doing so, they can grow their yield and provide even more to their community and the world.  


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