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How We Started

When we started out, finding a trustworthy supplier for natural ingredients was a challenge. We faced sky-high prices for quality products or compromised on quality to fit our budget. That's when the idea struck us: why not go straight to the source? And that's how Nature Packaged Bulk came to be – offering top-quality products directly from the farm to those who need bulk supplies.

Why Choose
Nature Packaged Bulk?

Transparent Sourcing

We partner directly with the finest suppliers globally. Explore our partner farms for full transparency.

Empowering Farmers

By connecting directly, we support their livelihood and make better pay a reality for them and their workers.

Premium Quality Assurance

Our 3rd-party testing ensures you have confidence that we provide the purest essential oils the world has to offer.

Farm-Direct Marketplace
Done Right:

Giving You Direct Access to High-Quality Suppliers

Bulk purchases are no small investments. Avoid unnecessary losses by knowing who you partner with in bulk product needs. This video shows you how Nature Packaged does it differently so you can be confident in your bulk purchases and thrive.

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