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Farm Spotlight: KwaZulu Botanicals in South Africa

Farm Spotlight: KwaZulu Botanicals in South Africa

Farm Spotlight: KwaZulu Botanicals in South Africa

KwaZulu Botanicals is a farm located in the KwaZulu-Natal province of South Africa, growing tea tree and rose geranium plants, which are then processed into essential oils.


Without healthy soil, this entire enterprise falls through. To that end, KwaZulu follows sustainable practices that mean a higher carbon content in the soils, namely using compost. Over time, the carbon content of the soil at their farm has been increasing year over year. Compost is made from crop residues as well as added manures, which has the added benefit of stabilizing nutrients and feeding the soil.

Their dedication to quality and sustainability is one of the reasons that Nature Packaged is glad to work with them.

Provision for Workers

Locals in the community are especially able to be provided for. Mothers with multiple children are able to work flexible hours and earn pay according to their abilities to assist with farming. What this means, practically, is that they are able to earn far above minimum wage while still being able to have quality time with their children. This also allows their children to get an education, setting them up for greater success in life.

Workers are chosen for their work ethic and ability to work with others, and they are all instructed in the safe use of equipment

The Future

With your support through Nature Packaged, KwaZulu Botanicals will be able to expand their operations to grow a greater supply of plants, hire more workers from the local communities, and bring pure, all-natural products to more customers throughout the world.

Experience the power of natural ingredients for yourself by checking out the essential oils available from KwaZulu Botanicals on Nature Packaged’s Farm Direct Marketplace


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