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Farm Spotlight: Citrusmade in Sicily!

Farm Spotlight: Citrusmade in Sicily!

Farm Spotlight: Citrusmade in Sicily!

When it comes to natural products, essential oils have become a staple for many people. But not all essential oils are created equal. Some companies prioritize profit over the quality of their products and even over the environment as a whole. However, Citrusmade, a citrus essential oils company based on the Italian island of Sicily, is different. They prioritize sustainability, quality, and community involvement.

Let’s take a closer look at why Citrusmade is a natural product enthusiast’s dream and a small business owner's go-to partner.

Environmental Sustainability

Citrusmade is committed to making their company environmentally sustainable. For instance, their main facility is powered by an array of solar panels that provides 30% of their daily power requirements. Nature Packaged may provide their citrus essential oils to you, but they use every part of each fruit to make additional products to ensure that absolutely nothing goes to waste: They sell the juice, they sell some parts for fragrance production, the leftover peels are used as animal feed or pellets for stoves. They even have a project to help turn leftover citrus peels into a leather-like product!

And Citrusmade isn’t keeping their mission within the four walls of their factory, either. Each year, Citrusmade helps more orchards eliminate the use of insecticides and harsh chemical fertilizers. By helping others to do their business more sustainably, they’re making a huge impact on the industry as a whole!

Natural Pollinators

 Bees are an essential part of the pollination cycle, without which humans and animals would not be able to provide nearly enough food to consume. Citrusmade understands their importance and, as a result, have set up dozens of hives throughout all of their orchards on the island.

Not only does this help increase their yield, but it also helps ensure that other vegetation in the area is pollinated as well, leading to a more lush and fertile environment, not just for the people who live there, but also for all the insect and animal life who relies on it to thrive.

Brimming Environment

Citrusmade uses only pure, natural ingredients in their essential oils, taking advantage of Sicily's natural environment to create high-quality citrus fruit for that purpose. The soil on the island has benefited from millennia of volcanic deposits from their own native volcano, Mt. Etna. These minerals from deep in the earth are known for their properties that contribute to healthy plant growth.



Add to that the consistent Mediterranean weather, sunlight, and a warm, salty sea breeze that constantly washes over the whole of the island, it’s no wonder that Sicily is one of the premier places in the world for citrus production!

Helping Their Community

Citrusmade doesn’t focus their efforts on the environment alone; its owners are also passionate about giving back to their local community. They organize plenty of events to help those who are in need of support, and the owner, Filippo, says that he and his wife are particularly passionate about helping kids who need help.

That’s something we should all appreciate!


Citrusmade’s commitment to sustainability, quality, and community improvement are the reasons why we are so proud to partner with them in business. They’re a company that takes the creation of natural products to the next level by prioritizing the environment that gave it to them and gives back to the people in their area.

If you love citrus essential oils and want to promote environmentally sustainable businesses, then consider working with Citrusmade today and check out their products on Nature Packaged’s Farm Direct Marketplace here!


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