Citronella Essential Oil from Nature Packaged!
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Citronella Essential Oil from Nature Packaged!

Citronella Essential Oil from Nature Packaged!

Citronella Essential Oil from Nature Packaged!

Nature Packaged is proud to announce the launch of Citronella Essential Oil on our Farm Direct Marketplace!

This pure, all-natural essential oil has incredible benefits that can bring improvement to all areas of people’s lives. Read on to find out more about this great oil!


Citronella comes from a plant native to Sri Lanka, a grass that is unpalatable to humans and bovine alike. It’s harvested for its unique scent and essential-oil-filled leaves.

Apart from a pleasant smell, Citronella is best known as a natural insect repellant, warding off mosquitoes in the hot summer months. But beyond that, it is known to help with fatigue, mental clarity, energy levels, and it has calming properties that could help people destress after a long day. Use it on the skin or in a diffuser for a refreshing scent. It’s safe to use on your skin and will last longer than synthetic oils



Citronella grass is grown in controlled environments using natural farming techniques that are designed to promote its growth as well as retain its valuable properties. Because it is a fast-spreading grass that is unpalatable to farmland, its spread has to be strictly controlled.

In Central Java, Indonesia where these plants are farmed, the volcanic soil is rich in nutrients like Magnesium and Potassium, which contributes to the fast growth and high amounts of beneficial compounds within.

Harvesting & Processing

When the time for harvest has come, workers harvest the leaves and stems of the grass, as these are rich and dense with essential oils. These parts of the plant are then taken to the processing facility where they are cut up and exposed to high amounts of steam. This releases the essential oils inside.

The resulting liquid is then filtered out, leaving behind pure Citronella Essential Oil ready to be shipped out.


Citronella essential oil from Nature Packaged is a great choice for anyone looking for an all-natural solution to help repel bugs or relax after a stressful day! So don't wait - try it today to see the amazing results it has to offer!


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