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Cassia Essential Oil from Malagassi Essential Oils

Cassia Essential Oil from Malagassi Essential Oils

Cassia Essential Oil from Malagassi Essential Oils

Discover the rich and spicy essence of Cassia Essential Oils by Malagassi Essential Oils, sourced directly from their lush farm in Vietnam. Cassia is a versatile essential oil celebrated for its wide array of benefits that promote both mental clarity and physical well-being. As a valued member of the cinnamon family, Cassia essential oil comes from the bark of the cassia tree, originally thriving in the regions of China and Burma. Prepare to delve into the holistic properties and enchanting origins of this exceptional essential oil!


Cassia (Cinnamomum cassia), also known as Vietnamese cinnamon, a majestic perrenial tree that reaches heights of up to 20 meters, boasts sturdy, leathery leaves, and delicate white flowers. Revered in South East Asia for its captivating fragrance, soothing characteristics, and extensive health-promoting qualities, this plant is a staple in many cultures. 

Often referred to as "Vietnamese Cinnamon" due to its striking similarity to cinnamon bark, Cassia offers more than just aromatic bark; its leaves are also a source of the invigorating Cassia Essential Oil, adding a fresh dimension to its benefits. With a minimum Cinnamic Aldehyde content of 80%, Vietnamese Cinnamon is renowned for its exceptional quality and aromatic scent.

Cultivation & Harvesting

In the mountains of Vietnam, there has been a significant rise in Cinnamomum cassia plantations in recent years, positively impacting the local economy and the livelihoods of indigenous families. The cassia harvesting season, spanning from March to September, is strategically aligned to leverage ample sunlight for bark drying. Cassia trees undergo a meticulous three-year nurturing process in nurseries before being relocated to mountain slopes. While productive as early as six years old, Malagassi farmers prioritize allowing the trees to mature fully. This strategic decision results in enhanced quality over time.

The exclusivity of this precious Cassia Essential Oil variety is limited to Vietnam and a small part of southern China bordering Vietnam. This rarity is due to the specific climate and soil conditions required by cinnamon trees, such as ferralite soil on limestone mountains, coupled with a tropical climate featuring distinct seasonal changes and ample rainfall. Additionally, the entire process, from seeding to harvesting and distillation, is meticulously carried out manually, further emphasizing the unique nature of Vietnamese cinnamon production.


Extracted through the precise steam distillation of Cinnamomum Cassia bark, Cassia Essential Oil undergoes a meticulous process at Malagassi. The distillation method involves commencing at the ideal fire temperature and halting when the chemical composition of the distilled oil starts to diminish, a technique honed over 25 years of expertise.

Distinguished from traditional cinnamon bark, Cassia boasts a thicker, darker bark with a more robust and less sweet flavor profile. The resulting Cassia Essential Oil emerges as a dark brown, fluid liquid exuding a potent, warm, spicy, resinous aroma that captivates the senses.


Cassia Essential Oil by Malagassi has been nothing short of enlightening. From its origins in the mountains of Vietnam to the meticulous distillation process that captures its essence, Cassia stands as a testament to nature's bounty and human ingenuity. Are you ready to experience the transformative power of Cassia Essential Oil in your daily wellness routine? Embrace the warmth, embrace the benefits—transform your wellness journey with Malagassi's Cassia Essential Oil today.


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