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Benzoin Essential Oil from Malagassi Essential Oils

Benzoin Essential Oil from Malagassi Essential Oils

Benzoin Essential Oil from Malagassi Essential Oils

Introducing the latest addition to our essential oil collection: Benzoin Essential Oil. Immerse yourself in the rich, sweet, vanilla-like aroma sourced directly from Malagassi's renowned Essential Oil farm in Vietnam. This versatile oil is a popular choice in both the fragrance and cosmetic industries, known for its wide range of applications and exceptional quality.



Benzoin, also known as Styrax benzoin, is a resin derived from the bark of various Styrax tree species, often referred to as Snowbell trees. These trees can reach heights of up to 14 meters, though some varieties are compact, measuring only 2-3 meters. Styrax trees, indigenous to tropical areas in Eastern and Southeast Asia, feature either deciduous or evergreen simple leaves and elegant hanging bell-shaped white flowers adding to it’s natural grandeur.


Aside form its delightful vanilla-like fragrance, Benzoin Resin Oil is also renowned for its stress-relieving properties, promoting positive thoughts and relaxation. Moreover, its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory qualities make it a valuable asset in addressing skin concerns such as redness, inflammation, and chapped skin.


The Benzoin tree flourishes in the lush, tropical environments that Vietnam is celebrated for. Often found growing alongside streams, these trees thrive on steady moisture levels. Cultivated in ferralite soil atop limestone mountains, they benefit from Vietnam's tropical climate, characterized by pronounced seasonal variations and abundant rainfall.

Harvesting and Processing

Benzoin oil is obtained through the solvent extraction process from seven-year-old gum benzoin trees. Local harvesters in Vietnam climb these wild-growing trees to collect the Benzoin resin, also known as "tears." The extracted resin, which is incised, appears in hues of rich browns and reds. To tailor it for aromatherapy applications, the resin is dissolved in ethyl glycol. Specifically, Benzoin is standardized with a 30% dissolution rate to achieve a usable and practical consistency for various uses.


In conclusion, Benzoin Essential Oil stands out not only for its enchanting vanilla-like scent but also for its diverse array of benefits. From stress relief and promoting relaxation to its skin-soothing and antiseptic properties, Benzoin Oil offers a holistic approach to well-being. Sourced from the resilient Benzoin tree in Vietnam's tropical climate, this oil is a testament to nature's healing power. Embrace the essence of Benzoin Oil and unlock its myriad of benefits.

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