Eucalyptus Essential Oil from our Farm Partner in India – Nature Packaged
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Eucalyptus Essential Oil from our Farm Partner in India

Eucalyptus Essential Oil from our Farm Partner in India

Eucalyptus Essential Oil from our Farm Partner in India

Introducing the latest addition to our family- the Eucalyptus Essential Oil! Straight from the lush green fields of our farm partner in India, our new product has been carefully crafted to bring you the essence of nature in a bottle. This exceptional oil is renowned for its powerful scent and various health benefits. Eucalyptus oil has been widely used to soothe aches and pains, clear sinuses, and ease stress. It's no secret that India is famous for its aromatic herbs and plants, and our partner farm is bringing that expertise to your fingertips. Read on to know more about the famous Eucalyptus Essential Oil!


The Eucalyptus tree, scientifically known as Eucalyptus globulus, is a symbol of strength and vitality. With a maximum height ranging from a staggering 150 to 180 feet, this tree species is a sight to behold. While its tall trunks are an impressive feat of nature, it's the green minty leaves that capture our attention. Used in countless products for its refreshing scent, its leaves contain a natural oil that is renowned for its therapeutic benefits, especially for respiratory problems. This oil has always been an excellent option for aromatherapy and sinus relief.

Harvesting & Distilling

Eucalyptus Essential Oil is a fascinating substance that is cherished by people all over the world. This colorless or pale yellow liquid is extracted from the leaves of the eucalyptus tree through steam distillation, resulting in a powerfully aromatic and camphorous scent that is unlike anything else. To create this oil, the leaves and stems of the plant are first carefully chopped up and then placed in large distillation machinery that uses steam or water to extract the oil and other components. Once the vapor is cooled and turned into a liquid, the oil rises to the top and is siphoned off, leaving us with a beautiful and potent substance that has a wide range of uses in our daily lives.

Caring For the Earth

Our partner farm located in India has been operating for over five decade and has taken numerous steps towards environmental preservation. Their techniques include the use of solar energy to power their factory. They have also taken a unique approach to the generation of bio waste, repurposing it to turn it into briquettes, thereby reducing their reliance on firewood for their boilers. Such measures have enabled them to be not just a leading producer of high-quality plant-based raw materials, but also an ethical and sustainable business.

Caring for the Workers

Our partner stands firmly on the belief that their workers is the backbone of their success and constantly work towards providing a safe and healthy working environment. As a company that has been in the business for the last 5 decades, they strongly believe that investing in their employees reaps huge dividends not only in terms of productivity but also in terms of a work culture that is built on mutual trust and support.


After delving deep into the benefits of Eucalyptus Essential Oil and its source, it's safe to say that this essential oil is a powerhouse of goodness! Add this amazing oil to your daily routine and experience its wonders for yourself.


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