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Bergamot Essential Oil from Citrusmade

Bergamot Essential Oil from Citrusmade

Bergamot Essential Oil from Citrusmade

Straight from the farm to your home, Nature Packaged is thrilled to introduce the newest addition to our array of essential oils: Bergamot. Renowned for its numerous health benefits, Bergamot Essential Oil has become increasingly popular among wellness enthusiasts. Not only does it bolster immunity, but it also eases digestive woes and relieves pain and inflammation. So, do read on and learn more about this exceptional fruit and its excellent essential oil!


Bergamot, also known by its scientific name Citrus bergamia, is a highly aromatic fruit native to southern Italy that has been used in medicine and culinary traditions for centuries. It’s theorized to be a cross between Sour Orange and Lemon and is prized for its unique flavor and fragrance, which is a combination of citrusy, floral, and spicy notes. Its native home of Italy is a warm, sunny place that’s perfect for growing citruses like Bergamot, so much so that the production of Bergamot has become an essential part of Italian culture, with many local businesses selling bergamot products, including oils, teas, and skincare items.


Bergamot is a beautiful perennial bush that reaches heights of up to 5 feet or more. Its distinct, pale purple blooms are pleasing to the eye and a favorite of many pollinators, especially hummingbirds. This plant is incredibly versatile and has the ability to thrive in a wide range of soil types. However, for optimal growth, it prefers rich, loamy, and highly fertile soil.

Nestled in the heart of Italy, Citrusmade Farm has quickly made a name for itself by perfecting the cultivation of this delightful citrus fruit. Known for its ideal soil and climate, they have been able to cultivate Bergamots and produce premium Bergamot Essential Oil through a meticulous and conventional process—resulting in a highly sought-after essential oil. Using organic farming and no synthetic pesticides ensures that the product is of the highest quality and purity.


Bergamot oil is obtained through the process of cold-pressing. This method involves “rasping” the rinds in order to release the essential oil from the peel of the Bergamot before it is cold pressed. The resulting oil can be greenish or brownish-yellow in color, with a slightly bitter, aromatic taste.

In addition, Bergamot Essential Oil has anti-bacterial, fungi-, and virus-resistant properties, which makes it effective in reducing pain and preventing infections. One of its most remarkable historical uses was to reduce intestinal worms, a common source of anemia and malnutrition. But that's not all! Bergamot essential oil can also help treat respiratory problems and spasmodic reactions.


Nature Packaged strives to bring you the best products, and Citrusmade’s Bergamot Essential Oil is no exception. Whether you're looking to boost your immunity or alleviate certain symptoms, bergamot essential oil is a great option to keep in your natural medicine cabinet! By purchasing from the Nature Packaged Farm Direct Marketplace, you are supporting small businesses and ensuring that you receive the highest quality product possible.

So go ahead, add Citrusmade's Bergamot Essential Oil to your cart, and start enjoying the benefits today!


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