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Farm Spotlight: Qobo Qobo

Farm Spotlight: Qobo Qobo

Farm Spotlight: Qobo Qobo

At Nature Packaged, we strive to source the best natural ingredients possible and we’re passionate about supporting the farmers who work hard to meet our high standards.

Because of their commitment to sustainable farming and quality assurance practices, we’re proud to partner with Qobo Qobo farms, located in the Amathola Mountains of South Africa. Read more to find out about this great farm’s story and commitments to a better environment!

Employment for the Community

Qobo Qobo started up with the support of several South African state agencies and non-profit organizations focused on developing businesses in the country that could provide employment to those without work.

With the jobs and careers that Qobo Qobo’s oils necessitate, the local farming community of Keiskammahoek Valley in Eastern Cape also enjoys the result of improving their quality of life.

Environmental Stability

Qobo Qobo Farm is committed to sustainable agricultural practices. This is one of the reasons why their Rosemary essential oil is some of the purest in the world. With less adulteration from harsh chemical pesticides and sustainable farming practices that yield as many necessary nutrients to the plant as possible, it’s no wonder that their oils come out so pure!

Growing Into the Future

At present, the Qobo Qobo plant can process 40 hectares worth of crops every year and the oil has been tested by the Dohne Agricultural Research Institute, showing some of the finest quality in the world.

As they progress into phase 2 of their project, they plan to expand and develop well-established ‘farmer units' that can manage the growing process from start to finish even more efficiently. This will allow them to grow their yield and provide more for their community. 


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